07 March 2010

Day 224

Day 224
Okay so today I went to the city with kristian William pulis.

We had an awesome day, started off with coffee, then we went to word then ventured up to Michaels cameras, koorong and Melbourne central.

We just had the best time chilling, and mucking around. And maybe spending too much money.

One highlight was taking some photos of kristian, once we found a nice quiet location (behind the state library, I set up my softbox, and flash and got my camera out, after lugging all this stuff around Melbourne I felt I had to use it all hahaha

I learnt: 
1.If you are working with a model, you need to make them feel comfortable and relaxed. 
2.You need to have confidence with what you do. If your not quite happy with the location make it work. This will make or break how you do it. 
3.Be positive. 
4.Inspire yourself. 
5.Learn. This is what photography is.period. 
6.Learn to focus properly. Or get an AF lens. Or close down your aperture. And yeah thought I should share this…

strobist info: lp120 camera right @ 1/4 power in 28" westocott softbox...

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