31 October 2009

Day 102

Day 102

we got a new car today-ford territory turbo- its amazing!
im speechless on how to describe it so just look at the pic :)

29 October 2009

Day 101

Day 101

matt(featured in the photo) drove cameron allister and i around for a good music chill session... :D
twas awesome fun!
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Day 100!!

Day 100

day 100 slipped by me, but i got a nice result, went fishing today with small result but i had an awesome time...
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Day 99

Day 99

lacking inspiration...
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Day 98

Day 98
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drove to melton to get a really awesome night photo pretty stoked on how this one came out :)
and clocked over 40 hours driving woot 1/3 of the way there :D

Day 97

we had an awesome sunday! yaya
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Day 96

we had a fundraiser at church which we raised just under $1300 in one night, praise!
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day 95

we can all flick our lives on and off, by choice...
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22 October 2009

Day 94

woke up to something awesome grabbed the camera still in pj's and grabbed a few shots
i just wanna leave this for today:

Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all
circumstances, for this is God's will for you who belong to Christ

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (NLT)

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Day 93

a lil un-inspiring today sorry
have a lovely day
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20 October 2009

Day 92

went for a ride with cameron.
we talked
we stood on the swings
we rode
i broke my chain :(
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19 October 2009

Day 91

thumbs up!
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Day 90

an cool camera i found at the church :)
taken by cameron, who i manipulated into a tripod :)
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Day 89

backyard :)
happy birthday hippopotamus!
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16 October 2009

Day 88

theres a storm coming...
i could see these clouds coming across, i still dont think i effectively captured this though, but on my bicycle it was a good snap I'd have to say...
enjoy. so glad its friday! :D
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Day 87

when one door closes... another door opens...
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Day 86

It is supposed to be spring, so why is it raining! :(

14 October 2009

12 October 2009

Day 84

i heart skinny jeans....
cheap mondays are my favourite....
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11 October 2009

Day 83

i really like this shirt i bought

today i went to the city, it wasnt the best weather but i had a super duper time....
this photo got post-processed too much but it looks great like this... IMO

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Day 82

josh and i went riding and talking today...
it was amazzing
josh got new kicks
they looked nice in the sun...

riding is nice when you forget tricks and just chill...
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Day 81

i tried HDR but failed
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Day 80

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chasing shadows at midnight

07 October 2009

Day 79

clouds are amazzingggggggggggg!

Day 78

kyle bought me this awesome necklace in new zealand <3

05 October 2009

Day 77

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Got the new relient k album today it was such a shock, because it comes out publicly tomorrow worldwide and i got it today cos i preordered it, i was so expecting for it to come next week sometime wowowowowow


it is awesome

id rather forget and not slow down...

Day 76

Today i held a bbq for a heap of friends, it went down really well
and cos it went down so well i got three good photos for the 365 project....

this is cameron wearing his radicool sunglasses....

this is a few of us after most had attended lfc practice we all jumped on the swing set and had a photo :D
good fun many a laughs had.....

ever been stuck for conversation...
well just say, so do you like cheese? to break the conversation, who knows that person your talking to may really like the same cheese as you. cheesy joke eh.... :P

check it out large....
was an awesome day and night from the bbq to lfc which was just so insane
life is so great right now!
peace out

Day 75

today i prepared for the bbq i was having on sunday this was a lolly platter
and the best way to describe it was mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

today i went food shopping, pushed the trolley with another man while drinking coffee, than baked a cake an partied with the same man, and wore cool sunglasses with this MAN

check it large!!

Day 74

went riding today, was a very great chilled out to the max session with ben and damon
also saw some great old mates at city park :)
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01 October 2009

Day 73

Bo-to the-keh
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Day 72

im not too great @ bmx photographs...
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Day 71

i got a new key ring with my name on it, just incase i forget my name it will come in verrry handy
thank you, gift person...
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Day 70

caught up with some great friends of mine, twas very nice...
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Day 69

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Day 68

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Day 67

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Day 66

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