31 August 2009

Day 43

click me I promise Im not a virus, jsut view me large!

Here is a chair with some lovely natural lighting applied...

Nikon D60 | 50mm | f 1.8 | 1/30s | Iso 100

30 August 2009

Day 42

Day 42

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Well tonight I was like yeah just go for a walk take the tripod and dont take the 50mm, and I had the basic idea for using long exposure with the car lights...

and I had a fair picture but I wasnt super happy with it... 
and then I saw the lighting on this tree and I dig it!

definately click that link up there as it shows the picture on black very well... and you can see all the details...

Nikon D60 | 18-55mm | f 3.5 | 15s | Iso 100

29 August 2009

Day 41

Day 41

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I spoke to my friend Matt who lives in new york today over skype, hes pretty kool and skype is sick, matt was able to show me his mum and dad and all of his housse using his computer, i sound like a pensioner but,  thats pretty double sick!?!

today was a pyjama day and it was the first one in so long i cant remeber normally im a motivated person :P

Nikon D60 | 50mm 1.8 D | 2.2 | 1/100s | Iso 200

28 August 2009

Day 40

Day 40

Don't be afraid. Just have faith. - Mark 5:36

I loved this passage once I found it yesterday, and now it seemed relevant to today...
I encourage people to read it...

My mind is all over the place so stoked I can sleep in tomorrow...
I also got a tripod today, mum and dad bought it for me and its so cool to be given a random gift...

anyways dont know what to say tonight, pretty excited about some things!

Nikon D60 | 50mm 1.8 D | f 2.5 | 1/50s | Iso 200
Tripod-ed...10 sec timer + on board flash bounced...

27 August 2009

Day 39

Day 39

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This is on of my film SLRs given to me off cameron, pretty sick camera....

Music is really doing some things in my life right now, skillet and relient k are epitomizing awesomeness currently

Nikon D60 | 50mm 1.8D | f3.2 | 1/13 se

Day 38

Day 38

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Working on Vis com stuff here.... brainstorming

Nikon D60 | 50mm 1.8D | f 2 | 1/250s | iso 100

25 August 2009

Day 37

Day 37


This is a new energy drink, I bought it cos I fell for the package design...

So package design + bokeh = this :)

wine glasses used in background and iphone as a light source...

Nikon D60 | 50mm 1.8D | f 1.8 | 1/2s | ISO 100 

24 August 2009

Day 36

Day 36

Too much to think about...

So relevant for tonight...

Im wrecked, confused and arghhh right now...

Tonights photo expedition was an epic fail, this was the picture i liked the most :S

Im so keen for so many other ideas, but tonight was simply not my night...

Nikon D60 | 50mm 1.8D | 5 | 30s | ISO 100 
Fire hydrant as a tripod...

23 August 2009

Day 35

Day 35

Happy happy birthday melissa!

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Its melissas bday today woot
I went to the city today nice and chill-filled... then had some goodtimes :D
i love living in melbourne!

Nikon D60 | 50mm 1.8D | f 1.8 | 1/25s | ISO 100

22 August 2009

Day 34

Day 34

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This is Lexie my dog, she gets excited by cats!

Nikon D60 50mm 1.8 | f/1.8 | iso 100 | 1/125s

Day 33

Day 33

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Well day late but i got home late last night and today i had to work 8-12, so I was up really early!
Not the best of photos but lately I have been so tired but I'm trying my best.
We went to enjoy church and it was pretty schweeeeet and I like this photo :)

Nikon D60 50mm 1.8 | f/1.8 | iso 400 | 1/160s

20 August 2009

Day 32

Day 32
Well todays pic 30 second shutter with the 50mm :)
I really enjoy long exposures....

i tried a little bit of light painting in there with the iphone, note the 's' shape going on, Ill try and make a very consciuous effort of doing a good photograph tomorrow :)

Friday fever coming upppppp.....


Nikon D60 50mm 1.8 | f/1.8 | iso 100 | 30s

19 August 2009

Day 31

Yay i finally got my learners this morning woot!?!
drove today pretty scary but fun as...

i had the epiphany this morning to take photos of my card, but once i got home i forgot... so i went outside then i took a 20 sec shutter, but then i wasnt keen on it but i still kinda like it so i produced this picture, check my flickr( http://www.flickr.com/photos/jameshillphoto/ ) for the other pic, so i took this bokeh one.

i like bokeh!?!

Nikon D60 50mm 1.8 | f/1.8 | iso 100 | 1/20s

18 August 2009

Day 30

Day 30-

Well total homemade studio setup tonight, kinda digging the bokeh, wishing I had used more glasses, but im so tired.

Any questions email me @ divestar@gmail.com

Yay time for bed...

Nikon D60 50mm 1.8 | f/1.8 | iso 100 | 1/50s

17 August 2009

Day 29

Day 29- 50mm...of pure...AWESOMENESS!

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I love this lense, I've only had it since saturday and for 3 days it amazes me, I cannot imagine the 1.4 models awesomeness!?!
I love how once I get onto an idea I just have fun with it, its such an awesome feeling...
School was good today cos a couple of us finished at 1:15, so I grabbed a coffee with some friends and yeah coffee is another amazing aspect of life...
Nikon D60 (18-55) @ 35mm| f/4.5 | iso 100 | 1/4s

16 August 2009

Day 28

these are kristian shoes, today was a very nice day, so many things are working out in my life currently and i just wanna keep them close and so many things arent but the positives outweigh the negatives...
I've been re-looking at dustin diaz's photostream, he is just so amzing, i really wanna try strobist stuff and set up a studio somehow, I feel my imagination is so limited to my gear...
anyways...today alot of good stuff went down :)
I've just been sorting through all my photos that I took today. From LFC practice and chillin' at camerons house, ill definately have to put up some more photos on Flickr of todays events.
Nikon D60-ISO 100-f/2.2- 1/100 sec
Nikon 50mm 1.8D
SOOC (straight out of camera) :)

15 August 2009

Day 27

Here I am standing on the corner...

I finally got a 50mm 1.8 lense today it is so much fun to use, there is an amazing difference between f5.6, 3.5 and f1.8 pwoar...

So i had my first photoshoot today with lorraine who is a singer, songwriter and pianists which was really fun...

And then tonight I went for a walk all rugged up cos its freezing and windy as...
So i couldnt setup a camera box tripod... lol

Im going to upload a few other photos, but this one was my favourite as i setup the camera on self timer and walked away a car stared down the road and i was like bam that sucks, so then it all worked out really well i was really stoked on it...

Nikon D60-ISO 400-f/2.0- 2.2 sec
Nikon 50mm 1.8D
+PP 2 stops down on the exposure

Day 26

Day 26
This is my childhood teddy bear :)

home studio setup) :P

Nikon D60-ISO 200-f/5.6-1/25 sec
Nikon 18-55 @ 55mm
+PP for white balance and saturation for B&W

13 August 2009

Day 25

Day 25
Features my sisters 3d Rayban copy cats, for movie use only makes a fabulous prop :)

also monster children(photo issue which is nice and inspiring), + my little red book, id like to buy a moleskin but im not getting enough shifts at work currently to justify overpriced but dearly valued products :)

Nikon D60-ISO 400-f/6.3-1/6 sec
Nikon 18-55 @ 55mm

12 August 2009

Day 24

Day 24

Skillet are amazing! They inspire me soo much

Happy Birthday Declan!

Time for bed nighty night!

Nikon D60-ISO 400-f/5.6-1/4 sec
Nikon 18-55 @ 50m

11 August 2009

Day 23

Day 23- 
Ive been busy and procrastinating all afternoon, even though i feel inspired i couldnt get my inspiration to the sensor tonight, this "macro" will have to do :)
Hope y'all feel inspired...
Nikon D60-ISO 400-f/5.6-1/25 sec
Nikon 18-55 @ 55mm

Day 22

Day 22

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We had RAW Rockeisstedfodd alllllll day it was great until we finished our bit and I was just sooo tired i could barely hold myself up...

I got to use Jonas 50mm 1.4 again and here it is in action... pretty stoked with what it can do, Im looking towards getting a 50mm :)

This is Sam...Bam

Canon 20D with 50mm 1.4
ISO 200 f1.8 1/250 Sec

09 August 2009

Day 21

Day 21

"Fix my life..."

Today I went to church then, in the afternoon I went to the city to see the RMIT open day, I'm really contemplating doing photography after I finish year 12, so we visited all the things and got really inspired, Dad and I had a look in Cecil's cycles and they had a really kool fixed gear bike...

hence todays photo... "fix my life"

Im on the prowl for divine inspiration...

Nikon D60-ISO 400-f/4-1/6 sec
Nikon 18-55 @ 18mm

Day 20

Day 20

This is Stan... "Hi Stan..."

Hrmm yeah day late cos i got home late last night...

08 August 2009

Day 19

Day 19

fav pic of the party last night...
hmm i was soo tired back then everything seems like it happened a week ago even though it was just last night....
nice night

Nikon D60-ISO 400-f/5.6-1/60 sec
Nikon 18-55 @ 18mm

06 August 2009

Day 18

Day 18

Today was one of those jam packed thursdays, school till 115, then deb practice at 4 then straight after that work until 930. so i make sure i take my camera to school so i can take my photo of the day, i saw joshs laptop and i was like hey can we go take a photo of that and he politely said yes! omg, so i set up it all on manual and got the whole exposure right first go

i thought only dustin diaz could do that bam the day was a nice day!

Nikon D60-ISO 100-f/6.3-1/100 sec Nikon 18-55 @ 55mm

05 August 2009

Day 17

Day 17


Okay well yeah... umm dont know what to say tonight

Im content that is all!

Nikon D60-ISO 100-f/5.6-1/10 sec
Nikon 18-55 @ 50mm

04 August 2009

Day 16

Day 16

and without so much as a good bye, she drove off into the sunset...

today was a big day for mankind, we flew a kite, and ran in the rain, and bought a suit...

yay! I'm tired...

Nikon D60-ISO 100-f/6-1 sec
Nikon 18-55 @ 35mm

03 August 2009

Day 15

Day 15

This place is like a prison...
Here I Go- Relient K.

Not much to say here, school was fairly reasonable today, finishing at 1:15 makes it though :P

Inspire me world...

Nikon D60-ISO 100-f/4.8-1/80sec
Nikon 18-55 @ 35mm

02 August 2009

Day 14!?!

Day 14
Well I'm totally uninspired, with my photos during today, Until tonight when I got inspired by using Jona's new 50mm 1.4 :-o!!

so this is what i feel to be my fav pic of the day hrmm says alot about my skills argh

in other news: my stupid acer has a virus on it making all USB's get that virus too and the internet work, I am deeply ashamed at Acer yet again Lucky tonight was amazing at LFC, to get me over this stupid problem... I plan to save for a computer that doesnt get virus', cos deep down I'm a MAC :)

Nikon D60-ISO 100-f/7.1-1/200sec
Nikon 18-55 @ 55mm

01 August 2009

Day 13

Day 13

In the beginning- Genesis

I went to the city today, rode around bought a new bible, and the above photo is me reading it yay!
took aboout 4 photos to get to this one. Just played around with the setting once I changed it to B&W...

Nikon D60-ISO 200-f/4-1/50sec
Nikon 18-55 @ 26mm
+camera mounted flash and reflector/GoBo